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Saturday, August 20, 2011


From KCNA August 19, 2011:

Central European Nations to Form Military Organization
Moscow, August 18 (KCNA) -- Russian newspaper Krasnaya Zbezda July 6-12 carried an article titled "Why Did Four Central European Nations Decide to Form Independent Military Organization?"
In May defense ministers of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary agreed to organize a combat unit under the command of Poland.
According to their plan released on May 12, a special combat unit will be formed under the command of Poland in around 2016 to become an independent unit not belonging to NATO. And the four nations will stage annual joint military exercises from 2013 in the framework of the NATO's existing rapid reaction force.
From the general point of view, it is the conclusion of Western diplomats that the decision to form an independent military organization is a reaction of east European nations to the new development observed by the European Union and NATO. In other words, the development means that Germany is seeking a special role as the EU leader and trying to expand cooperation with Russia, while the U.S. capacity of taking part in overseas military operations is being decreased.

According to sources, it is under discussion to invite Ukraine to join the combat unit. But Western analysts doubt that Kiev will accept the anti-Russia offering.
More secret combinations...

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