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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'd give my left nut to be there, but of course my son chooses Friday the 14th for his damned open house, which I'm putting together up here!  I'm going to freakin' KILL that boy!  (Sorry, Fed, but he's gotta go for this abomination!)

Anyway, my dear friend and your favorite ERIK RUSH sent me this private invite....just look at the line up!  Besides Erik, you have my Prez pick Allen freakin' West, Thomas Sowell (That's THE Thomas Sowell!!!), Alfonzo Rachel (you know him, don't lie!  And you love him like I do!) David Webb, Deneen Borelli, Star Parker, and a token white guy or two, such as Glenn BECK!!!!

'Scuse me, I'm gonna kill that boy!

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