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Thursday, January 26, 2012

State Department at WARCHICK reading about Romney

While I fully stand by the fact that Romney is a #MINO and clearly rejected LDS doctrine concerning the very few political topics in which the LDS church takes a public stand either for or against, it is also evil that the US STATE DEPARTMENT, who is NOT supposed to be campaigning for anyone, let alone #Ohole, is checking out my writings on Mitt Romney and why this Mormon will not vote for him.  It is clear that it is Romney, not Newt, who threatens them most.  They spent 15 minutes on my site reading the updated 2008 article that I posted a year ago when Romney made it clear he was again running for President.

Or is Hillary having her minnions gather everything on him in prep to run against him in 4 years...or sooner?

NOT COOL...!  Also not legal, but then, when has that ever stopped #PoliticallyCastrated #Islammunists?

Knock it off STATE DEPARTMENT.  You work for us, you nutless eunuchs.  Do your damned jobs, not #Ohole's bidding! #HoldThemAccountable #StopTheAssholery #StillMINO

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