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Thursday, February 21, 2013

WARCHICK on the HAGMANN & HAGMANN radio show tonight!!!

Yes, you read that right!!! 

WARCHICK will be pontificating with the genius & widely known HAGMANNS' nightly radio show tonight, February 22, 8-11 PM EST, 5-8 PM PST, for all 3 hours.  Doug Hagmann & son JF Hagmann host the wildly popular nightly show, & invited me to join them for all 3 hours.

Listen, call in, we will be discussing the utterly unique story of RICARDO CARRASCO that is in negotiations now with several publishers & picking up speed fast.  While I won't name names, in the past month the story has even had 2 producers contacting me about the possibility of a movie based on the book.  (I know...I passed out for a second & I threw up a little...not pretty, but hey, who cares?)

We will also cover current topics involving North Korea & the things that are coming to pass in just the past few years, time permitting, & any surrounding issues.  This going to be super ultra mega fun & you'll learn a thing or two, just in time for this year being the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of the Korean War cease fire, the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of the making of the movie CEASE FIRE! by Paramount Pictures, the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of the release of the movie, & the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of Ricardo's ultimate sacrifice for his friends.

Miss this & I'm almost positive God will get you...

WHEN:  Friday, February 22, 8-11 PM EST/5-8 PM PST
WHERE:  Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Blog Talk Radio
WHO:  WARCHICK & the Hagmanns
WHAT:  The book FORGOTTEN WARRIOR--Twice In One Day/surrounding topics


Founder / Director: Douglas J. Hagmann

Douglas J. Hagmann is the founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and CEO of a multi-state licensed private investigative agency serving many Fortune 500 clients. A 23 year veteran of conducting investigations in the private sector, he has logged over 40,000 hours of covert surveillance in his career and is the author of Tactical Surveillance. He is a member of the International Counter- Terrorism Officers Association and possesses many law enforcement related training certifications. He has been used as an operational asset by federal law enforcement and various police departments, and has performed over 5,000 civil and criminal investigations throughout the United States. Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Hagmann began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness by establishing the Northeast Intelligence Network.

Associate Director, Multi-state licensed investigator & Research Specialist: J. F. Hagmann
Mr. Hagmann earned a degree in business administration, marketing and management and holds several law enforcement related certifications. He has completed over 6,000 hours of field investigation and covert surveillance operations, specializing in surveillance and counter-surveillance operations.
He is presently the Director of Field Operations (DFO) for the Northeast Intelligence Network.
Mr. Hagmann can be reached at
OK freedom lovers, pick from my usual random threats if you don't show up, then SEE YOU THERE TOMORROW NIGHT!


Marcel said...

Thanks for all the hard work of getting this story out !

Unknown said...

Hi Marcel! Thank you so much...the show was wonderful. & may God bless the Hagmanns. What wonderful men & the best listeners. Love to see another lover of Israel.