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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Outing a lying, fagatronic, crap-hole con man RACIST named DAVID COLE

Of course, you might know him as DAVID STEIN.  If you did, then he fooled you too.

'Cause that's what fools do.  Here's his pic and the write up yesterday that outed this dickless twit:

The Guardian's Rory Carroll broke the news that has conservatives in LA reeling at the length and depth of his horrors (whores?)

Stein was not who he claimed. His real name can be revealed for the first time publicly – a close circle of confidants only found out the truth recently – as David Cole. And under that name he was once a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He changed identities in January 1998. 
"That was when David Cole officially expired," he told the Guardian in an interview this week. "That was the end of Cole. Or so I thought. That was when David Stein was brought into this world."

I'm planning a more extensive write-up with my dear friend Ruth Bryant White of Breaking News Journal, whom he also conned (and she's BLACK!  We all know that also now means he's RACIST, as opposed to just being a lying, conning fagatronic duche!  Isn't that what the left says?  If you commit a crime against a white, it's a crime, but against a black, it's a crime AND a hate crime?  And that makes him worse than HITLER, whom he loves and also denies murdered anyone).

But he never fooled fact, in the 2 trips Ruth and I made down to LA in Sept 2011 and again in October 2011, by the second trip I had told a few of the people down there in RPA as well as another group of conservative actors, writers, producers, and directors he conned his way into that he was a liar and a con man.

I even said it to his face while at the hotel that commonly hosts this second conservative group.  I told him that I knew a con man when I saw one, and I'd be waiting for him after the meeting to finish our "talk."

Of course, like all nutless, pathetic, impotent eunuchs, he borrowed some teeny tiny nuts, THEN dropped them, and THEN ran out another exit to avoid me.  Con men ALWAYS run when they are outed...and then they discredit the person who figured them out.

Pathetic, nasaly, high-pitched fagatronic voiced little pig pile that he is.

And you bet your butt I am furious!  That tends to happen when you told the truth 2 years ago and were ostracized, ignored, and defamed for it, only to have it turn out to be the truth (watch for what Ruth and I put together) and have not a single one of the people you told come to you like men and apologize and try to make right the horrible damage that has already been inflicted by a Holocaust denying, girlfriend-having-pretender little faggot who couldn't get laid if he was brand new carpet, one who Ruth is convinced still lived with his Mommy.

Once he was outed, of course, in classic con style, the nutless eunuch wouldn't return calls that Ruth and I made (and she's BLACK!  DAVID COLE IS A RACIST P.O.S!) and ran like a draft-dodger. 

And he wasn't even part of the Republican Party Animals (RPA).  That, too, was a big fat lie.  While he did often help with the group, he was kicked out over a year ago for--guess what???--stealing money from the group.

And yet he was still treated like a media darling.  Even the beloved Larry Elder (and he's BLACK! Did I mention that makes DAVID COLE A RACIST?) announced 2 weeks ago and he and Stein-Cole were going to make a documentary.

Holocaust denier, NAZI main squeeze, RACIST hater of black people (probably Mexicans too, since he's also a self-hating Jew) con man, most hated man in Hollywood history.  THAT's the legacy that impotent faggot is leaving for the world.

Eric Golub has already posted the RPA response, which you can read here.  Like DAVID COLE THE RACIST, it isn't pretty.

They're wrong about only one thing. 

I knew, and warned several people he was a liar and a con man.  And for it 2 projects, my private online viewing of THE PATH TO 911 and FORGOTTEN WARRIOR, ground to a halt, only recently reviving, with FORGOTTEN WARRIOR now before several publishers who are negotiating with me about publication. 

And the still censored by Disney and the Clintons docu-drama THE PATH TO 911?  Still in recovery from the most evil lying, defrauding, conning piece of dried up dung to come out of the still-in-its-infancy out-and-proud Hollywood conservative right.

I have only two words for those of you who now suddenly believe what I said 2 years ago, if you're real men that is:


More to come from white Resa and black Ruth (And THAT makes DAVID COLE A RACIST according to the leftist and equally nuttless liberal media)...

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