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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ali Sina is someone I deeply admire...

...and he works with good friend Robert Spencer.

The Cyber War has intensified this week. As we have seen here many times, jihadists, Islamic supremacists, and their allies and dupes are afraid of the truth. They will vilify, ignore, or do everything they can to silence their opponents, rather than engaging them in open discussion or debate. And so they have now taken down the fearless and courageous ex-Muslim Ali Sina's site, Faith Freedom, yet again. Ali has a standing invitation on his site: Prove me wrong and I will take this site down. But they can't prove him wrong, so all they can do is try to shut him up.

I know next to nothing about how all this computer business works, but I know enough to know that Ali needs a very strong firewall. His organization is composed of volunteers, and he has no funds to do what is necessary to combat these cyber attacks, which the cowards have launched several times against Faith Freedom over the last few years. If you can help Ali Sina and Faith Freedom in any way, please contact him, or if you have any difficulty in doing so at this time, contact me at, and I will see that he gets your message.

For crying out loud, people...are we so apathetic that we aren't even willing to fight ONLINE???

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