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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

JIHAD IN NORTH KOREA--Communism's Embrace of Islam

***Given Iran's recent actions in approaching communist strongholds for help, I thought this article was highly appropriate to run again. This is also why I have called it "Islammunism" for the past 5 years instead of "Islamofascism." To label any totalitarian regime a fascist regime is a trick Kruschev taught those he sent to infiltrate America to prepare the free American brain to reject the right and run toward the left. Hitler's NAZIs were Communists; America is a Republic, not a Democracy. See how beautifully it works?***


By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

I have come to the lonely conclusion that I am the only Korea-watcher who feels that North Korea’s current blustering is different this time. I mean, I know they’ve done it before in this game of "threaten and get paid for it" at which they are so good and we are so accommodating, but something is…well, off this go-around.

We are deeply involved in a war with Islam that will logically and eventually spread to the entire Arab world-Iran is starting to worry us, Syria and Pakistan have long been against us, and Saudi Arabia is not trustworthy. Our leaders have stated publicly again and again that they feel Iraq is the bigger threat specifically, and radical Islam in general. They have also made it clear that we can only handle one Totalitarian at a time, and for the here and now, Saddam is the Dic of Choice.

If you ask me, this news has got to be a God-send to Kim Jong Il, and he is making rumblings of encouraging those around him to join. While Kim’s actions are nothing new, the response of his fellow Asians is. He is playing expertly--now more than ever--on both the communist ideology and fellow war history he shares with China, and the Korean ancestry and separated families he uses to emotionally anguish South Korea into slowly sharing his hatred for America and her allies. The signs are all there: in the strongholds of our friends, the sentiment is turning. Kim is even starting to sound like Saddam…he is using terms such as "holy war," for crying out loud, and Iraq isn’t crying "Thief!" to this obvious plagiarism.


Isn’t it obvious? They have this Asian buddy firmly entrenched within the ranks of their Jihad, and now it’s time to party like it’s 1999! An Asian buddy who, by the way, has an army of 1 million men and almost another 5 million in the reserves. Iraq’s military isn’t even close to that, but why worry about his army so long as he has friends with the numbers and the same hatred-not to mention the nukes? And that’s not even the worst part.

Interesting, isn’t it, how quickly those whom we have saved from past aggressors turn with the simple implementation of the evil word in the willing ear? On January 9, The Guardian newspaper ran a telling article entitled "North Korea urges South to ‘pool efforts’ against America." It is one thing to have a long-time enemy plan our destruction, but when our "friends" begin to break ranks and take him seriously, freedom shudders. Does this enemy and friend "circling of the wagons" chill anyone else? The adversary is looming like a dark Beast from the (FAR) East, and even our past supporters are running in the midst of its shadow. Yet oddly enough, they are running toward, and not away from, the very Beast who will eventually destroy them too.

The article reads like 1930-s era capitulation: "…Until now White House staff have said that negotiations could not begin until Pyongyang scrapped its uranium enrichment program, shut down a plutonium-producing reactor in Yongban and readmitted international inspectors, who were kicked out last month.

"But Washington’s preferred strategy of using economic sanctions to force the North to back down was rejected by other countries in the region who feared North Korea would become the next Iraq.

"With anti-US sentiment growing in Seoul-usually a staunch ally-George Bush has been forced to accept dialogue with an ‘axis of evil’ country and its leader, Kim Jong Il whom the President admits he ‘loathes.’"

The evidence is mounting, and we are making the wishy-washy-and potentially fatal--mistake of changing our own rules. We will meet with Kim and agree NOT to attack him. It’s about time, I suppose, given the dozens of times we’ve invaded the riches of North Korea (Sarcasm Intended!). This time, Kim’s bluff has worked, but then, maybe that is because it isn’t just a bluff anymore.

Please read that last line again: "…George Bush has been forced to accept dialogue with an ‘axis of evil’ country…" George Bush has been forced. These are the most terrifying words I have read in recent months, and I will tell you why.

North Korea has been a joke for a long time, much like the guy with "little man syndrome" who thinks he can lick any man in the bar. South Korea has longed for the return of loved ones, and besides, they are right there at ground zero. This makes their desire for diplomacy at the very least understandable. They remain, after all, a country divided, families torn apart, and a people fed up with politicos making decisions that they should be making, all within the strain of a constant war threat and now in the shadow of an ominous mushroom cloud. But still, their trend away from their American friend is a betrayal, and if they don’t realize it yet, they soon will.

We have forgotten that China is communist, and that the goal of communism has never changed: to force every knee to bow to it. They tasted success when their massive army and human wave attacks in the early days of the 53 year old Korean War halted the hated Americans at the Yalu. China has tolerated the continued annoyances of this pain-in-the-ass ally named North Korea while still maintaining its distance in order to keep that beautiful American green comin’ in. (Our men were magnificent there, but Big Mac’s intuition about China had been wrong, and those gorgeous American warriors paid the price. The rest of the world will too, if China thinks they are the ones who can stop us. And trust me…. they do.) Make no mistake, however; China WILL back North Korea when the nukes hit the fan.

So the idea that the school yard joke-North Korea-has become capable of actually forcing the Big Man On Campus-America-to back down from its stance is to say the least unsettling. And now, even worse, we are losing our friends-Seoul is showing signs of turning against us, to our shock, and China….well, wise men have never trusted China anyway. Add to this "shocking" treachery the abandonment of America’s War on Terror by friends such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen (remember those cement packages that were really Scuds? Watch them…Yemen is following the new popular kids of the playground too…they are just lying to us while they solidify the friendship) and we are fast drawing a line in the playground and choosing up sides.

Now we all know that this is normal schoolyard banter. But what seems to surprise us the most is that those who have consistently chosen our team in the past are now suddenly playing "Red Rover" and switching sides in droves. It couldn’t have come at a more critical point for America and the world.

Islam extremists know that if Iraq is pummeled too hard by America, the Islamic tide in the Middle East will turn against us, especially if Israel becomes involved. Given the Arab red hot hatred of the House of Israel, they will see to it that Israel does eventually indeed become involved. That’s fine with Chairman Kim…he hates Israel almost as much as he hates us.

So the Middle East now has the added weight that Kim Jong Il has been taking advantage of this past year: distraction. His buddy and partner in crime, North Korea, has suddenly taken on what was recently Saddam’s role: the leading role in terrorist threat, and the even more serious dividing of the American attention into two entirely different areas of the globe. This has been to Kim’s benefit in recent months, and the Middle East terrorists are enjoying it now. There must be dancing in Hell tonight at the prospect of the confusing "up-for-grabs" mentality of the world’s loyalties. For a minute, we are looking from the Middle East to the Far East, and terror is hard at work while our heads are turned.

Kim loves it too. I think that his pride is injured at the thought that the world he so wishes to rule considers him somehow less of a threat than some towel-head in the sand dunes. He will not be ignored…no matter what it takes. He has been the scorned one long enough. All we need is a boiling bunny, and we have a Hollywood hit on our hands.

So while I may be in the minority in my conclusion that this time is different, and that North Korea will actually put their words into action, I sense that this solitude is only temporary. When 37,000 American troops cry out from the DMZ just before their voices are cut off in a blinding flash and an agonizing end, I should have plenty of company. Sure, most of them will already be charred corpses, but hey, who can be choosy with so few friends left on earth?

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

***Original publish date: July 24, 2003***


Michael Travis said...

The Commies hand in hand with the Muzzies?

Tell me it ain't so!

Unknown said...

You know, I always wonder how some redneck mom seems to know what all of our "intelligence" seems surprised to find out.

God save us from intelligence.