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Friday, July 04, 2008

From my oldest, MTC, Provo, UT

My oldest is training to serve a mission in Belgium, and sent me an interesting email this week:

The whole Russian country mission was closed this morning. All missionaries have to leave Russia as soon as possible. Kinda sad huh?

The LDS church often closes missions in times of war or leaders who demand we leave, but I can't find anything like that going on right now in my normal news searches, so it makes me wonder: does the Prophet know something we don't?(DUH! Just seeing if you're paying attention!)

Outside of when we've been kicked out by a totalitarian leader of a country or in times of all-out war, I don't think we've ever closed every mission in a country. He said the entire country, as soon as possible.

Please watch the news and Pres. Thomas Monson. I'll provide more info as I find it, and please feel free to send anything you find that you think might be applicable. In fact, post it with links, please, and then we'll reason this out together.

The whole country of Russia...something's coming, so be of good cheer. This is the best time to be alive!

Aha...the plot thickens. I knew Putin was Satan's left testicle! From my friend Marvo:

At Expense of All Others, Putin Picks a Church

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