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Monday, May 31, 2010

The evidence is overwhelming!

...taking bets now as to how quickly mohammed's monsters claim the videos are doctored, or who cares, it's only the Jooz, or they were justified because we say so, etc., etc., etc.

Sick of this yet?  FOR ZION!


 Any questions?  If so, you're stupid.  Your dad should beat you until you get it...and yes, I mean that!



Rickvid in Seattle said...

Seems the folks behind these non-violent peaceful activists were the same Turkish group that sponsored the Millenium Bomber, who was intercepted coming from Canada into the US in order to go bomb the LA airport in 1999. Oh, wait, is that not an acceptable truth to some? Well, tough crap.

Unknown said...

Rick! Excellent work! Do you have any links to that? Even FOX is leaving out a LOT of the info on the weapons on board and the fact that this was an OBVIOUS set up. Why isn't anyone questioning why the Mad Turks felt so confident that the world would turn on Israel for defending itself, hmmm? Almost like they knew because of history... -- WARCHICK