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Monday, May 24, 2010

Praise from the Overlords: Islamic Supremacist Universal Caliphate Group, OIC, Lauds Obama's Submission to islam - Atlas Shrugs

Praise from the Overlords: Islamic Supremacist Universal Caliphate Group, OIC, Lauds Obama's Submission to islam - Atlas Shrugs

Copying here, 'cause it's necessary.

I believe it is only a matter of time before Obama forces the USA to join the OIC, Organization of Islamic Conference. Absurd you say? Second term, I say.
He joined the Alliance of Civilizations last week and that is merely a proxy of the OIC. This is horrible.

Obama bow islam

OIC Praises Obama’s ‘Remarkable Decision’ to Close ‘Islamophobia Prison’ at Guantanamo, Drop Reference to Islam and Terrorism…Weasel Zippers

When the OIC is praising an American president then you know there’s a serious problem…

( Obama’s Cairo speech to Muslims, his plan to shut down the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and the dropping of language deemed offensive to Muslims are among the positive developments highlighted in the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s new report on “Islamophobia.”

Areas requiring more work include winning the Obama administration over to the OIC-held position on the need for legal tools to counter “religious defamation.”

The OIC made available copies of the third annual report compiled by a subsidiary body called the “Islamophobia Observatory” after its official release during a meeting of foreign ministers from the 56-nation bloc in Tajikistan last week.

“Defamation of Islam as well as personalities and symbols sacred to Islam and Muslims as well as other religions is a matter of grave concern to the OIC.”

Specifically, it recommends that abusive or insulting statements on matters held sacred by a religion and likely to outrage substantial number of its adherents, should be banned.

Governments should also help or encourage the creation of self-regulatory media bodies to deal with these issues.

The report also calls for international human rights law “to be evaluated and evolved in the interest of combating Islamophobia and defamation of all religions in an effective manner.”

“The main important development was the Cairo speech by President Obama, who promised a ‘new beginning’ with the Muslim world,” it says. “It was also remarkable the decision he took to close down the ‘Islamophobia prison,’ Guantanamo, as well as the instructions to stop using derogatory concepts against Muslims such as ‘War on Terror.’ ”

It also praises the appointment of Rashad Hussain, formerly a White House deputy associate counsel, as Obama’s special envoy to the OIC, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to OIC headquarters in Jeddah last February – the first by a secretary of state in the organization’s 40-year history.

How much more, oh Lord? Answer? As long as the PEOPLE bear it! TO ARMS! WARCHICK

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