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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear God, what a dame!

Hang your heads in shame, men of Germany.  That a woman had to do what you didn't have the nuts to do is despicable.  BE THIS WOMAN, FREE PEOPLE!

Oh, and did you notice the Politically Castrated fagatronic ISLAMMUNIST eunuch who demanded she "Stop the provocations?"  That is what FAGATRONIC ISLAMMUNISM believes in anyone else's free speech..."You have no right to speak out loud if we don't like it!"

She got one thing wrong...these nutless pillow biters are far, far, FAR worse than Hitler...and unlike that satanic bowel movement, these pig droppings are here.

COURAGE, FIGHT, VICTORY!  HT:  Pam Geller, of course!

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