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Thursday, April 14, 2011

From my friend at SyndicatedNews.NET

Oh this is just fantastic!  My friend Ruthie DiTucci runs SyndicatedNews radio show, and she has snagged the magnificent military historian RICHARD LOWRY for 5 minute pieces on her shows!  Here is the first one, link here, downloaded below.  Don't miss these!

LOWRYleaks is a SyndicatedNews.NET radio show hosted by Richard S. Lowry. He is www.SyndicatedNews.NET 's Political Commentator and Military Historian. He is currently embedded aboard the USS Bataan and sends e-mail messages to the SyndicatedNews.NET "News Room."  The messages are then narrated and recorded by an honorably discharged, retired serviceman that served in Viet Nam. The recorded segment is then accompanied by music written, composed and performed by John McEuen himself who has also licensed the music for use with Richard S. Lowry's military segments. They are sent by Lowry from the high seas. John McEuen is one of several owner/partners of SyndicatedNews.NET 

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