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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going live at 1pm Pacific Time...TOPIC-POOZA!, call in at 877-942-2178

Today's show promises to be a TOPIC-PALOOZA! Thomas Lindaman will have his WHY THIS MATTERS segment at 1:50, and we will be playing a message from WARCHICKUSA team member Gary Graham, whose RIGHT SNIPE segment begins some time in February.

Gary stopped clinging to his guns and Bibles long enough to go help his brethren in Haiti. Gary has been updating people via his Facebook page, and asked me to get his message out to all of you. He is in Florida now trying to arrange the logisitcs of Haiti Help, such as the money to pay for the fuel required to make round trip flights to and from Haitit--a staggering $22,000 each! He is working with Airlift Haiti and Project Medishare, and these people are doing these things for no other reason than it is right. These are the types of people that freedom magnificent!

Topics will be abortion, healthcare going STEALTHcare, the campus shooting, and any other breaking news in these rapid-fire last days. We'll be back at regular time on Friday, will send out guest list and info then. But be there, listen, and most of all, call in and let your be heard!, 877-942-2178

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY!

--SO SAYS WARCHICK, Resa LaRu Kirkland

Columnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist!

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