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Sunday, January 17, 2010

WARCHICK talk for Jan. 18, 2010, gots Niggahz in da house!

Don't miss WARCHICKUSA tomorrow, 1-3 PM Pacific tme, at! In honor of MLK and Harry Reid, we're gonna be ALL BLACK ALL DAY. Yes, we are going to darken up the joint a bit, and I'll be your hostess, the token "WHITE skinned black man." We have Bob Parks, Thomas Lindaman, Sean McKinney, and we're all fresh off the plantation and ready to make you laugh. This is a PC free zone, so aks someone who doesn't throw hippy fagatronics over words to borrow their balls and then tune in for a day of good ol' racist hilarity, no holds barred, guaranteed to offend EVERYONE sho' nuff, all the little chilluns, don't trust whitey, here come the po po, power to the people kinda show.  We can do it people--we can reach CRITICAL MASS in sheer numbers offendedif we all do our part, so spread the word and call in!


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