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Monday, January 04, 2010

WARCHICKUSA talk radio today 1-3 pm Pacific at

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1 PM--Discussion of appalling eminent domain case involving James and Doris Cassan of Seattle, WA, fighting to keep their property from being condemned and stolen by SEATAC to build a parking garage for the airport. The property in question? Their own private park-n-fly lot! You read that right. And even more disgusting...they have already dealt righteously in handing over 8 properties to ED in the past for public good, and they did so without complaint. This time, however, there is no righteous, public reason, and they are saying NO! Doris will be on on a later date--perhaps a Special Edition Extra this week? Stay tuned...--but for today I want your calls and discussion! Phone lines will be open until 1:45, so call in at 877-942-2178.

1:50--WHY THIS MATTERS segment with creator Thomas Lindaman. Thomas will be discussing leadership at DHS and the TSA and why the Left is wrong with their approach to leadership. Do I really need to add anything else to this? This is fertile ground, and as always, Thomas will have a cogent breakdown of the topic. Listen, learn, and act!

2 PM--This is special, folks. Howard Rotberg will be joining us to discuss his book Tolerism. You can read the information below, and clearly, he is the perfect WARCHICK guest. He may call it Tolerism, but WARCHICK lovers know it as Political Castration, that act which has rendered impotent this great nation. Those of us who have NOT handed our nuts over to Political Castration will bear the brunt of this war on words, and Howard is one of the best. You are definitely going to want to call in, so don't lose the number!
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Spread the good word, and see you on the air!

Keep the faith, bros, in all things coruage, and no substitute for VICTORY!

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