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Friday, January 08, 2010

WARCHICKUSA radio show,, 1-3 PM Pacific with Daryl Temkin and Joe Kaufman!

Yea!  It's Friday, and our show today is going to rock!  Be at starting at 1PM!


1 PM:  Guest Daryl Temkin, founder and director of the Israel Institute for Alternative Energy Advancement.  Israel Institute aim is to provide Fellowships in Alternative Energy Development for Israel’s top universities. These fellowships are an investment in Israel’s future and in the furtherance of the innovative talent for which Israel has become famous.

Dr. Temkin has directed and founded national leadership projects. He created the nation-wide American–Israel Emergency Winter Clothing Airlift which shipped over 500,000 pounds of needed winter clothing to the 2005 Gaza evacuees. He created the adult Jewish education program called, Teachings for the Soul.. He is now developing a new international effort for combining energy investment and philanthropy.
Dr. Temkin has written and published over 100 articles concerning issues of  Israel, Jews and the world. His weekly opinion column entitled Pivotal Thought was published internationally in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim publications. He has also been interviewed on a number of radio and TV programs and most recently was interviewed in Israel on Aruzt Sheva.
Dr. Temkin’s current effort is to address the national security issue of energy and foreign oil dependency. He was a member of the Los Angeles Delegation to the 2009 International WATEC Conference which focused on new developments in water and energy technologies. He will be speaking at the 2010 International Eilat Eilot Alternative Energy Conference as well as the Israel Technology Summit. Recently, he was invited to the Knesset to address the topic of  furthering Israel’s commercial alternative energy developments in the Galil and Negev Desert.

Besides teaching the story of Israel and Energy innovation at universities, synagogues, churches and corporations, Dr. Temkin is  leading a new opportunity to bring investment capital into Israel’s ability to free the world from oil dependency.

2 PM:  Joe Kaufman, and CAIRwatch.  Joe is a tireless warrior against terrorism and all of its insidious branches.  He has been in the crosshairs of anti-American, anti-Israeli groups for his work to expose the toxic efforts of Islam against freedom-lovers everywhere, and has worked with the biggest names out there, including Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Paul Williams, and David Horowitz.  He is passionate, committed, and RIGHT! 

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