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Friday, March 18, 2011

The first book from WARCHICK enterprises available on Kindle tomorrow!!!

WARCHICK enterprises is happy to present its first book, a fiction piece entitled VISION by new author Aubrey Talmage, is available for puchase for 2.99 each.  It should be available to purchase on Kindle beginning tomorrow, watch for update.  To be released in the next week or two is children's book THE WITCHES OF WWII, watch here for that one!  Check back often, our non-fiction books by Resa WARCHICK Kirkland coming THIS YEAR!  Don't  miss these!

In Salem, OR, in the early 1990's, before the internet, small and affordable cell phones, and the more advanced forensic testing of today, evil stalks their daughters.

Well-known psychic Mackee Stromb has a stellar history of aiding the Salem Police Department in catching criminals with her profound ability to see through the eyes of victims in visions before the actual event.  After a frustrating 2 year dry spell in her gift, she is suddenly thrust back into that dark world with horrifying visions of murder that occur 24 hours before the event takes place.  Young girls, kidnapped, raped, and murdered in a ghastly manner: having their legs chopped off piece by piece as they try to escape.  But the most disturbing element of the return of these nightmares leaves the beautiful psychic shaken to her core:  for the first time her vision shifts and she sees for a few seconds through the eyes of the killer himself!

Jules Packard, Police Chief of the SPD, enlists determined Lieutenant and friend Clark Howe and criminal psychologist Dr. Gina Pomeroy in a desperate bid to find the demented sociopath.  As Mackee relives her pre-event horrors, they analyze, search, and fight to find their killer as he slashes and chops his way through Salem’s vulnerable generation.  But never can they imagine what they will find:  that Pomeroy and Howe have already encountered their killer in the past, a man so devastated by a childhood of abuse, cruelty, and murder that he would someday cross their paths and change the course of the lives without them even realizing it…until now.  They uncover it all, so despicable and heart-breaking that their own psyches are in danger of being permanently broken.  It culminates in the unimaginable:  is the reason Mackee can now suddenly see through the eyes of this killer seeded in her own murky family tree?

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