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Monday, March 14, 2011

Talkin' to Father, Japan to be gone

So I was chattin' with Father over the weekend about the clear Biblical significance of the earthquake in Japan, so massive it moved the island 13 feet and shortened the earth's day by several seconds.

Immediately something I'd read somewhere--either in scriptures or from individuals who'd had near death experiences or the gift of prophecy, I'll have to find it--about many of the island of the sea disappearing.  One of the forms of revelation Father gives His children is to suddenly recall something to their minds.  I was stunned and asked, "Wait...are you telling me...?"

I didn't finish it, Father did.

Here is what He told me:  Before this is over, Japan will be gone.  This will also trigger other earthquakes, and in so doing of course, will cause a ripple effect to the ring of fire.

So it looks like Japan will be no more, when it is over.  He left me no clue as to what He meant by that, and I was left to wonder if there was more coming--they have had 200 aftershocks at a magnitude of 4 and above since the massive quake--in the way of earthquakes and tsunamis and this was a trigger that would take possibly years to come to full fruition, or if it would be so quickly we would be left marveling and stunned.

My  impression was it would be the latter.  Oh, He said the west coast was to go soon as well as volcanic explosions/earthquakes along the west coast, and west coast would be under water--not sure if He meant break off and fall into the sea or the sea would come up, such as a tsunami, and remain, changing the coastline.  He said America would be split up roughly along the middle, it would "break" and waters would spill and divide the west from the east here in the USA.  He said the massive oil reserves under Utah, Nevada, and Colorado would be accessed by those cut off from DC who, using their freedom and self-reliance to build up and hold up the Constitution (we'll be on our own, with no help, and only the just, courageous, and lovers of law and truth will make it,) would care for themselves.  Then you would see blood for oil, for the corrupt leaders we've allowed in over us will greedily come to take over those fields, and the slaughter will be great.

He also said debtors' prisons will return, they just won't call it that.  It will be like it was in the USSR:  leaders will claim those who are in debt with student loans, mortgage/business loans backed by government, and using our own skills to care for our own, are "stealing from the state."  Because suffering and starvation will be so great, the people will be thirsting for the blood of the righteous and self-sufficient for having while they have not, and as is the pattern of history, will revert to the base, the animal, and slaughter the "haves" and the "diligent" in the name of "crimes against the state/people" or "stealing from the state/people."  All evil regimes must criminalize self-reliance, ambition, hard work, thrifty living, foresight of stocking up and being prepared, etc., to legitimize their horrifying evil.

Pay off debts and your homes, then help other righteous do the same, for He said any home not paid in full within the next 2 years will be taken by the regime.  We will need all the fortresses and strongholds we can get.

Bitchin' times ahead...

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