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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VISION--Psychological Thriller from WARCHICK Enterprises

An exciting new fiction thriller from Aubrey Talmage, WARCHICK enterprises is pleased to premiere it here!  Purchase at Amazon Kindle ebooks for only do not need a Kindle to buy it.  Just download the Kindle app for your smartphone or computer, it's free and allows you to buy any ebook they have.  Help fund WARCHICK's FORGOTTEN WARRIOR series with her line of fiction books.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRESS THE LIKE BUTTON AND LEAVE COMMENTS AT THE AMAZON SITE TO BOLSTER THE VISIBILITY.  ALSO, PLEASE SEND TO EVERYONE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK; MOST PEOPLE CAN AFFORD $3.  Up next week:  children's book THE WITCHES OF WWII.  Don't miss these, you'll hate yourself in the morning, and WARCHICK is anti-hate yourself!

by Aubrey Talmage


Unknown said...

Brilliant read,riveting !

Unknown said...

Thanks Wes! Please be sure to "Like" it at Amazon and leave a comment will help it be more visual. Oh, and please send this link with the commercial to your address book..I'd appreciate it. Thanks again, your opinion means a great deal to me. I still cringe a bit at the writing, since it was 20 years ago before I found Ricardo's story and became what I am now, in the genre of non-ficiton, but then, it's still a good story and a good read, and since I need to fund my more important work, why not this way? So any word of mouth is greatly appreciated!