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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


A Seattle cop dared to blog in his union newsletter about being under orders to enforce the law “based on the race of the perp.” Their reasoning? SOCIAL JUSTICE…which everyone capable of critical thinking knows means “state authorized racism against actual American citizens, whitey and males.”


The story broke because of one officer who didn’t hand his balls over to Political Castration: Steve Pomper. I contacted him this morning, and he is under a gag order from his department. Yep…the cop under orders from other cops to surrender his free speech. He promised to get in touch with me the moment he legally could.  They shut him up.  I did find some of the links that brought this story to the attention of FOX News’ Megyn Kelly.  Beware, readers…Pomper actually says it out loud:

Steve Pomper gagged, bound, and villified for "saying it out loud."

A Seattle police officer, writing in his union newspaper, disparages the anti-bias training the city employees are required to take, and calls city leaders a "quaint socialist cabal."

Under the headline, "Just Shut Up and Be a Good Little Socialist," Officer Steve Pomper calls the city's 5-year-old Race and Social Justice Initiative an attack on American values and calls its supporters "the enemy."

He expresses contempt for a "Perspectives in Profiling" class that department members were required to take last year to raise awareness about racial profiling, and he questions at what point he and other officers should say "Hell no!" to the city's attempts to "indoctrinate SPD in social justice culture."

The column, appearing in the December issue of The Guardian, is renewing concerns about the culture of the police department and officers' willingness to address racial bias.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said the officer's apparent hostility to the city's anti-bias efforts adds to public concerns over a series of highly publicized incidents in which officers are accused of using excessive force against minorities.

"The question is a serious one. How widely or deeply held are these views? How do we make sure that anyone in city government reflects the values of not discriminating against people? Even one officer holding these views is not appropriate," McGinn said by phone last week from Washington, D.C., where he attended a meeting of The United States Conference of Mayors.

Police officials said the column expresses only the views of the author and not the department as a whole.

The Guardian is published monthly and contains articles about police work written by and for officers, said Sgt. Rich O'Neill, president of the Seattle Police Officers' Guild. O'Neill defended his members' right to say whatever they want in the publication.

"Officers don't give up their free-speech rights when they put on a badge," he said. "We have left-leaning officers; we have right-leaning officers. We try to publish a range of opinions."

Not anymore you don’t.

Don’t believe me? From Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn:
McGinn said his office is in "active discussion" with the U.S. Department of Justice over calls by the ACLU and 34 other organizations in December to investigate "patterns and practices" of Seattle police officers' confrontations with people of color.

No whites allowed!

That’s what we’re calling “them” now…people of color. That’s blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Islammunists and Asians. Jews don’t count. White, you aren’t a color; that’s right, your crayon box lied to you. You are fair game for injustice…’cause that’s social justice.

Wait, wait…it gets better.

Kathryn Olson, director of the Office of Professional Accountability, which examines allegations of police misconduct, said the police department wanted to offer anti-bias training specific to police work.
She and now-Chief John Diaz previewed the "Perspectives in Profiling" course, which was developed by and for law enforcement. It was first offered in Seattle in 2010.

Olson said nearly half of participants rated it very highly and another quarter were neutral. She agreed Pomper's views don't reflect the majority of police.

Doesn’t that mean that over half of the participants didn’t rate it very highly?

Never fear…the article ends on an ominious…er, I mean, socially just note:
City Council member Bruce Harrell said he was concerned Pomper's article labeled city leaders who endorsed the city's Race and Social Justice Initiative as "the enemy."

Harrell said, "If you have an 'enemy mentality,' it affects how you do your job. He (Pomper) doesn't understand that the playing field is not equal yet. Injustice clearly exists."

Chief Diaz elaborated even more in a different article:
Bob Hood, formerly of the Seattle City Attorney's office, asked Diaz about the long-term effectiveness of the Drug Market Initiative program that Hood helped implement last year in East Precinct.

"That was a perfect example of fighting crime by reducing fear," Diaz said, noting that a similar operation is currently underway in Columbia City. "It also dealt with racial disparity of people of color involved in drug crime . . . we tried a different approach. I don't have the [crime] stats, but it was a great success in a lot of ways."
He don’t need no stinkin’ stats, he’s one of those “of color” types, although you could have fooled me: one tell Chief Diaz he's white!

And just in case you were taught by NEA-ruled teachers, which means you lost the ability to critically think, there’s this charming interview with Pete Holmes on how what it seems to be isn't actually what it seems to be:

Don’t you just feel stuffed to the brim with the sweet, sweet justice of it all? If not, wait and your re-education minister will be with you shortly…and I do mean shortly.

Phone calls to the offices of Mayor Mike McGinn, Chief Diaz, and Attorney Pete Holmes asking for comments were not returned. I know, I’m shocked too. And yes, that was indeed sarcasm. Don’t you think it’s appropriate?

For the whole bloody scene, Megyn Kelly covered it February 28.  Watch it and weep…

They actually say it…that they will no longer enforce “lower laws” against certain minorities and illegals.

No, you’re not drunk. And yes, the Politically Castrated eunuch being interviewed actually has the Islammunist gall to do the standard stall, evade, distract, deny, morally equivocate, lie, claim it doesn’t mean what it clearly does mean…you know, everything that David Horowitz knows, ‘cause he was once one of them, and has been writing about for decades now. Anything but the truth when the truth isn’t on your side.

If you can’t watch it right now, brace yourself, here it is on their website, full pdf file here, excerpt below. As you can see, in their efforts to decry the blatant unfairness of condemning people based on their race and exempting others based on their race, they immediately surrender the moral high ground by condemning people based on their race and exempting others based on their race:

Institutional racism is when organizational programs or policies work to the benefit of white people and to the detriment of people of color, usually unintentionally or inadvertently. For example, job requirements that put undue emphasis on college degrees over work experience may eliminate qualified candidates of color, who face institutional barriers to higher education.

(So referring to Caucasians by a color is A-OK, but “they” are the clearly noble “people of color,” the new Crayon box. Sweet sweet justice…)

Really? “Whites” are institutionally favored? Don’t tell the white males who can’t get scholarships based on their race, a story so shocking to all those “institutions” that it has literally gone international, excerpt below:
Colby Bohannan, a student at Texas State University in San Marcos, and some friends have formed the non-profit Former Majority Association for Equality, which will provide the scholarships. The idea was that there are many scholarships geared toward helping minorities and women attend college, and there are also scholarships for people from certain religions or from certain families. But Bohannan thought his demographic group was missing.

"We know that we're going to be receiving some vicious attacks, from people claiming that we are racists, or promoting some bigotry-filled agenda," Bohannan said on Thursday.
Psst…Colby, those “institutions” denying you scholarships based on race have the right to, after all, since your race’s preferential treatment is so “institutionalized.” Don’t try to figure it out, just do as we say!

The implications in their idea that “white preference” is “institutionalized” are unavoidable.  They seek to right that wrong, and that is the problem.

 Don’t bother looking for it to come; it’s already “institutionalized” at a commune near you.  And it looks like you can’t expect help from the police, either. No wonder Obama doesn’t seem the least bit worried about the discontent people for whom he works…he has laid the plans for putting the “force” in “enforcement.” Except for the crayons.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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