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Thursday, February 24, 2011

No such thing as coincidence....THE FIST IN THE ROSE

My oldest served an LDS mission in The Netherlands.  As we've been watching the Politically Castrated Islammunist fagatronics going on in the world, we are naturally seeing the patterns, the unchanging math of the situation.  And the recurring images of fists and roses is one of the most frequent.

This triggered my son's memory, and he brought me a pen he brought home with him from his mission.  There it was...the rose with the clenched fist in the middle.

We've long known that Europe has disintegrated into communism, and with rampant, unchecked immigration, that has combined with the wretchedness of Islam to make it the pseudo-free Islammunist capital of the world.

So what does it portend, this fist ensconced rose?

Let's begin with PVDA.

In Dutch it means PARTY OF THE LABORER.  They are the Union Political Party of The Netherlands, an ardently Socialist group.  They are for gay marriage, abortion, collective bargaining, tenure (regardless of position or piss-poor results), and define themselves as "very liberal in our money senses."

Translation?  Other People's Money...or in American union-speak, "Mine mine now now!"

They are the SEIU of The Netherlands.

Now my son was on a mission; that meant two years with no newspapers, television, movies, anything political.  His focus was strictly God, Gospel, and they people those things serve.

Still, the prevalence of Islammunism there could not be lost on a logical mind.  Nor can Vladimir Putin:  WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE.

The symbols of the raised fist and the rose are NOT lost on those of wisdom...nor is the fact that purple, the color of the gays and of SEIU, is the historical color of royalty, of the elitists....those who hold themselves exempt, who believe the laws don't apply to them...

...those who are "lawless," the description of the Anti-Christ.

I've been curious as to how Obama can be so oblivious to occurred to me yesterday when he committed his act of Sedition in throwing out a law without the checks and balances, the rumors of how he has surrounded himself with a "small people," but rarely speaks to his bosses--us--or his own official cabinet, that he is not concerned because the plan he and this "small group" put into motion years ago has already allowed for all of this.

He is about to bare his teeth...

And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully:  for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people -- Daniel 11:  23

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