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Friday, February 04, 2011

Rough of this morning's interview with Mahmoud Salem, aka, SANDMONKEY!

BREAKING NEWS!!!  Interview this morning with Mahmoud Salem, aka SANDMONKEY, sometimes refers to himself as Sam Adams!  Follow his tweets @Sandmonkey.

Mahmoud has been everywhere lately, and the story of his arrest, beating, and destroyed car and stolen equipment is told through the eloquent lips of his companion as they rushed medical supplies, food, and water to protesters on February 2, 2011.  And tonight, for the first time, he broke his "anonymity and exposed both his name and his picture to Eliot Spitzer during this phone interview with CNN.

Mahmoud and I have been friends for several years now, reading one another's work, chatting through Skype and IM, asking, challenging, and answering one another.  I deeply admire and respect him; an ardent lover the United States, Ronald Reagan, and our Constitution, with a magnificent mind, I've long had a soft spot for him.   In fact, some of my readers might remember him from January 2010 when he was on my WARCHICKUSA radio show, now on hiatus, at Right Talk Radio.

But he dropped a bombshell on me regarding their plans for Saturday.

Given that Mubarak did not obey the DAY OF DEPARTURE, and our long-standing friendship, Mahmoud let me in on them.

The protesters are planning to march to the Presidential Palace.

As morning is breaking in Egypt now, we will see if it happens.  But Mahmoud knew well what confronting Pres. Mubarak at the fully guarded fortress would mean.

Forgive how rough it is, he was on a cell phone and it could be difficult at times to fully hear.  I'll be calling again soon to see if there's more to add regarding the march on the Palace.

The protesters are upping the ante.  First a reported attempted assassination of new Vice President Omar Suleiman.  Now they are thinking of marching on the Presidential Palace.  It's high noon at the Pyramid....yes, that chill down your back has just cause.

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