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Monday, February 07, 2011


Four days ago, I posted a response to Glenn Beck's article on his site.  He was writing--finally!--about the connection between Islam and Communism.  My readers know that I have long talked about the unholy alliance, the secret combination, between these two evils that I dubbed ISLAMMUNISM.  I have been calling it that since 1999 and have desperately tried to get people to name it that.

Hence my response to his article.  You have a few cowardly hippy Islammunist replies, of course, by the easily-led, but given the number of likes that has kept it #1 and at the top, it is clear the people agree!

I'm copying and pasting my response here, please go read the article to get why I wrote what I wrote.  Article is not very long:

Glenn, I have been calling this secret combination ISLAMMUNISM for just over 10 years now. That is because I am a student of the ongoing Korean War, and my studies of the North Korean regime led me to begin asking 15 years ago, "What's with all the muslims going in and out of NoKo?" So I went to the newspapers of those islamic nations, and began to notice that there were NoKos there regularly. I've written quite a bit about this.

Besides the fact that their ideologies are the same--both believe in FORCE, not FREE WILL, with one believing in NO GOD by force and the other believing in a MAKE BELIEVE GOD by force--there is ancient prophecy that indicates in the last days there will be two rulers, or groups, with the one being "religious"--Islam--and the other being secular--communism. And the war in Heaven that divided our family has followed us to earth. That war was between those who wanted force and no choice and those who wanted free will.

I am convinced now more than ever that ISLAMMUNISM is upon us. For those who claim that the two despise each other, and would never combine due to one being all about a phony God and the other being all about no God, I remind you of this fact. Hitler and Stalin despised each other as well, yet both were ardent communists. They went into a non-aggression pact agreeing not to attack each other while they divided up Europe as booty. In secret, both fully intended to turn on each other; Hitler merely beat Stalin to the punch. I have written quite a bit that I believe islam and communism have formed such a non-aggression pact, be it formal or simply understood.

But the final evidence that ISLAMMUNISM has occurred, this wretched secret combination of the two greatest evils known to mankind is this: every single non-islamic ally that the caliphate nations have is communistic: NoKo, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, and even Vietnam. Where's the so-called fascist nations? They are ALL communist.

The reason it was first referred to as "Islamofascism" has its roots in the old USSR, which taught its spies that when they infiltrated the 3 commonalities in America--education, media, and hollywood--that they were to change words. THAT is how America began to be referred to as a "Democracy"--because Kruschev understood that words affect the subconscious, and that the more easily led among us who didn't do their own homework were more likely to vote Democrat simply because of the similarity in wording--and how the NAZIs went from being communist to fascist. Read newspapers/magazines/movies prior to the late 50's and you will see us constantly referred to as a Republic and the NAZIs referred to, even by themselves, as either Socialists or Communists.

The evidence is also in our post-war actions. Every nation that we helped to rebuild after WWII--former enemies and new friends like Korea--were all called Republic: Republic of West Germany, Republic of Japan, Republic of Korea, etc.

Actions are always the true tell.

Please start using the proper terminology for what we are facing, for there is no denying: THIS IS ISLAMMUNISM.


Within 30 minutes, my article was at the top on POPULARITY and BEST RATED, and has never left that position.  And now today Beck is devoting his entire FOX news show to teaching people about patterns, and how they will tell you who and what a person/group truly is, what they truly believe in spite of their words.


I know he won't mention WARCHICK, but please, if you agree with what I said, PLEASE spread it far and wide with this title:  IS GLENN BECK AGREEING WITH WARCHICK ON PATTERNS AND ISLAMMUNISM? along with a link to this article!

Please help me make this go viral!


War Dog 6 said...

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Every group uses this logic at times when needing the strength of a coalition to cut the opposition down to size and gain the upper hand. I don't necessarily agree with the label. What is important is educating and spreading the Word that they have formed an unholy alliance and that is why they support each other. Well, not quite. Once the Islamists gain the power they do not tolerate the communists in their house.

Unknown said...

It isn't based on any need on our end, it is based on their pattern. It is one we've seen before all throughout history. It has always been inevitable that those who seek our destruction would combine forces. Islam won't abandon this non-aggression pact and turn on communism until we are sufficiently weakened AND they are large enough to be able to dominate the communists and bring them under the caliphate.

Freedomlover said...

Just shared this on facebook, Doing my part to help this go viral!

Unknown said...

And THAT, among many other reasons, is why I love you! Thanks a mil! WARCHICK