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Friday, February 25, 2011

UPDATE!! Produce Starting to Rot; But Prices Barely Coming Down

So I was at the store tonight, and fortunately, my favorite produce clerk was there. The Roma Tomatoes were holding steady since I wrote on them earlier in the week, so we talked plums for a bit.

My life is plum exciting…yours is about to be too.

There were two kinds there, the black (left) and the red (right.) Neither of them were particularly big individually…plums usually are pretty small.

‘Course, you wouldn’t know that by their price.

“So the Black Plums are .64 cents each? Each?” I asked, just in case this horror show was a printing error.

She nodded, then waved toward the Red Plums. “Those were .64 cents each last week too, but they slashed them to .32 cents each yesterday.”


“They were starting to rot.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In an American store, in an agricultural area, the food is plentiful, but so unaffordable that it is now rotting in the stores.

This had to be a mistake. I’d known the nectarines were outrageous last week at .68 cents each, and I knew it wasn’t exactly the season for these fruits. But I’ve been a shopping mom for over 20 years now, and I’ve never known these particular fruit favorites to be so expensive, or even sold individually.

She watched me scribbling down the notes, and grabbed her own pen, writing on the side of the box of oranges she was stocking.

“See, normally about 4 plums equal 1 pound. So at this price…,” she scribbled and mumbled, ‘carry the 1’ and then said, “…at this price the Black Plums are $2.56 per pound.”

In case you’re not a shopping mom, that is worthy of fevered after-church gossip.
with lots of gasps, wide-eyes, and hands to mouth gestures of fear.

I was stuck in Marty Feldman mode again, just like last time. As I said, it really is fast becoming the look of things to come.

While my eyes were wide and my mouth closed, both with shock, doesn’t happen often, ask anyone, she continued, motioning to the other “stone” fruits (those containing pits.)

“You know, the stone fruits (such as the peaches and nectarines pictured above) are always sold by the pound. This is the first time I’ve seen them sold individually. Usually only things like lemons, limes, and oranges are sold individually. Sometimes the oranges will come in bags, and at Christmas you can get them in boxes. But this….this is new. What do you think it means?”

I didn’t tell her…I couldn’t. Guess I’m still trying to absorb how quickly it’s all happening.  Besides, how do you quickly explain that since math is the language of the universe, and patterns are mathematical, and history is nothing more than repeating patterns?  How do you tell her that history tells us exactly what this is, and therefore, what will happen?

How do you tell her that it is too late to stop it now, or that the pattern of history makes it clear that the only way out is a return to God and the foundations of freedom?  How do you tell her that given the pattern of behavior by our elected representatives, and those who hold the power but have forgotten that they do, there can be no other consequence but the one established over and over again by history?

How do you tell the truth to a people long comfortable with the lie?

We chatted for a minute as I looked at the Red Plums, getting soft now, and a bit shriveled. Not real appetizing, but then, I’d already lost my desire for stone fruits.

I thanked for her help, we both grumbled about Obama’s baffling inability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or grasp the basics of economics and capitalism. Was he mentally diminished, disabled, psychotic…or the villain in an evil, unfolding plot?

“Well, I sure didn’t vote for him, and never will.”

Finally, something I could smile about in produce. We agreed on that particular Stone Fruit: overpriced, already soft, and fast becoming worthless.

Since getting home tonight, watching about Libya and the rest of the damned world in flames and realizing that nothing I’d ever known could be relied on anymore, that ominous distant rumbling that is getting closer, like a stalking beast about to bare his teeth and pounce, it was difficult for me to ponder much on what the future might look like; especially given my background in history, the math of patterns, and the steps of critical thinking. We have a President who is breaking our laws and committing sedition with no consequences whatsoever, with no knowledge of how the world works and the importance of our business sector (and it’s showing in our produce aisle!), Islammunism gobbling up the Middle East on its mad dash here—through Israel, who is our friend in spite of what our criminal leader has to say—and a world I barely recognize anymore.

What will it look like tomorrow? Dare I open my eyes?

I know this for sure…if this pattern continues without intervention, it’ll look a lot like this:

At your local grocer’s anyway. A fitting image for what is coming if we let it.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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