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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cyrus must mean COURAGE!

He just keeps getting better and better!  Read it here.

Appetite whetting bit:

"...Cyrus Nowrasteh told Channel 4 News he wanted to depict an accurate account of stoning: "This is a very uncompromising approach to telling this story. I felt a certain responsibility towards the many, many victims of stoning.

"I've seen footage of stonings and I felt like to sanitise this story, to clean it up, to make it safer for people to watch would be somewhat irresponsible. By the same token you can't be so graphic people are running out of the theatre. We tried to find a delicate balance so when people see this movie they know how a stoning takes place."

Amnesty International says there are ten women and four men currently facing stoning in Iran.

The charity's spokesman Steve Ballinger told Channel 4 News that international pressure on Iran must continue: "Stoning is a disgusting punishment and the Iranian penal code actually sets out that the stones must small enough not to cause death immediately but large enough to cause harm.

"It's a deliberately cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment..."

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