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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From THE best satirist in Hollywood today

I shouldn't even have to tell you it's the incredible EVAN SAYET!  I received this from him today, and I'm asking everyone to support him and his SUPERWOMAN daughter in this event this FRIDAY.  Please spread the word.

"My daughter Rachel was diagnosed with cancer a few years back. Literally, in an instant she went from someone who never thought about such things to someone who needed a lot of answers across a wide range of issues (medical, spiritual, legal, practical, etc).  When she got better she started a non-profit with the mission of culling all of the information and putting it in an easy to find and easy to read website.

"Her big annual fundraiser is this Friday in Agoura Hills, CA (near LA) at the famous Canyon Club. It starts at 7 with a charity auction that includes Springssteen and the Rolling Stone's (and Taylor Swift's) guitars and lots of other things and ends with a concert from Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. (basically the Fifth Dimension).

"Would you please help me get the word out there?  Tickets have to be bought online and people can bid online, too."

I know that my readers know excellence and nobility when they see it, so PLEASE SUPPORT THIS.  Here is the site Rachel started, as well as her email and phone about leaving her speechless with all the support? email: or contact  Rachel: 805-479-1032.

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