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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cyrus Nowrasteh bringing bold truth to London!

His boldness in truth, begun publicly with THE PATH TO 911, continues with his fearless presentations of THE STONING OF SORAYA M!


A taste:

"...The stoning itself is terrible to watch. Beforehand, we have the minefield of scheming, lies and deceit that precedes it. Filming in Farsi and in rural territory that could easily be Iran, Nowrasteh (an Iranian born in Colorado) tells the tragedy simply and well. With the classic The Oxbow Incident as his inspiration, he shows how two women could not be a match for the men who opposed them in such a paternalist society. End titles suggest that more than 1,000 women have been stoned to death over the past 15 years in Iran, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, the UAE, Afghanistan andPakistan..."

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