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Friday, October 22, 2010

PYONG-DEMONIUM Family Feud, Nuclear Fuse, Islammunist Fools

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

It is said, and rightly so, that the true tell of what we believe is in our actions, for one can say anything.  You can say you believe in God, but if your fruits are consistently wicked, that sheep’s clothing is useless.  It is what you do that outs you. 

In spite of North Korea signing onto the 1994 Agreed Framework, by 1996 my sources along the DMZ were making it clear to me that North Korea was waist-deep in nuclear development.  How did they know?  They looked to what NoKo was doing, not to what they were saying to the UN.

To those who are new to NoKo behavior, let’s look to the real tell of who they are and what they believe:  they’re actions.

·         Signed the 1994 Agreed Framework, and immediately began whoring to anyone who would help them cross the nuclear line.  They found it in Pakistan’s nuclear pimp, Dr. A.Q. Khan.
·         Went on to share said nuclear technology with buddies Iran and Libya, shipped their Taepodong 2 missiles (known as the Shabab in Iran) to Iraq and continue to ship them to Iran, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Hamas, and Hezbollah.  On this side of the world, exchanges between NoKo and Venezuela are a clear indicator that Chavez knows a dealer when he sees one.  We aren’t the only ones who learn from the actions of others; evil figures it out too, and gravitates together like liquid mercury, forming massive secret combinations whose goal is the same as satan’s:  the abolishment of free will and establishment of universal slavery.

·        Beginning with the Yom Kippur war, NoKo provided expeditionary forces to support any and all enemies of Israel, our friend and only real ally in the Middle East, and raise their virulent and frothy cry for Israel’s destruction.  Who else do we know who does that, and what does that tell you?  Is this not an indicator of alliance?  This was the genesis of the WARCHICK term “Islammunism,” for clearly the shared ideology of force over free will that is embedded in Islam and Communism has led them to form a secret Hitler/Stalin style non-aggression pact/combination.  People, this has happened; every action makes that clear.  We’re not in Egypt, so please, let’s dispense with denial.

·         In spite of Kim Jong Il being born while Pimp Daddy Kim Il Sung was in exile in Siberia, NoKo’s iron-fisted teachings have their entire pseudo-country spouting the same insane sewage about him being born on Mt. Paektu, the highest mountain in North Korea.  They are also taught that Kim is part deity, with control over the winds, waves, and waters, which makes the floods/droughts/starvation of the 90’s inexplicable, and why their gulag population likely exploded during this time.  Apparently, this baffling inconsistency caused too many to ask reasonable questions about Dear Leader’s deity, the ultimate fear of Islammunists everywhere, who know full well their answers—or the lack thereof—will out them.  Questions must be squelched… brutally.

·         More family dysfunction.  The recent passing of the torch from Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un has highlighted some family discord worth the wary watch.  A country where rumors are more truth than gossip, no one should be surprised that Dear Leader’s sister Kim Kyong Hui has already bumped off a political rival in 2009 in a “traffic accident.”  This aggressive, mean drunk of a broad is to be mentor to Un.  Now, I’m no psychic, but given her own daughter’s suicide in France in 2006 and her well-known cruelty and evil, methinks an “accident” may be in the works for Un.

·         North Korea invaded South Korea, unprovoked, on June 25, 1950, and absolutely raped, slaughtered, and abominated its way to the Pusan Perimeter until Gen. MacArthur willed into existence the still genius landing at Inchon, cutting their supply lines and pushing NoKo back to the Yalu until Big Brother China entered the fray with human waves and massive support.  Remember that; no matter what you’ve heard, China WILL back NoKo when they attack again.  Look behind the bows and it is clear:  their goal is still to bring us down, their missiles still pointed at our cities, their manifesto still declaring America their enemy.  And 60 years later, STILL no peace treaty, just a fragile cease fire.  That action speaks volumes, none of it good.  So does their state run newspaper’s constant and delusional insistence that America attacked them.

·         In a country that has been starving to the point that they have actually statistically shrunk in size, what does this action tell you?
Potential Enemies             Active Troops                   Reserve Troops
North Korea                     1,082,000                                4,700,000
And I haven’t even included the spies, NoKo missile warheads found in Alaska 7 ½ years ago, and every other pattern indicative of one thing and one thing only:  Islam and Communism are fully merged, and every red flag, every key indicator, every clue, every sign, everything is blinking red.
Islammunism is here, their actions make that clear.  This leave us with only one question:  Are we prepared?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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