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Thursday, October 21, 2010

WARCHICK on The Liberty Belle Hour today at 6pm EDT!!!

Yep, like YepBig Mac, "I have returned!"  6 PM EDT, 3 PM PDT, listen, join the chat room, and call in!

"Warchick" Resa LaRu Kirkland returns to The Liberty Belle Hour to pick up on a conversation begun in last week's appearance: the oppression of Muslim women and the hypocritical silence of the so-called feminists. Resa will bring her unique style and vast body of knowledge on the subject, offering her insights into Sharia Law, a strident, totalitarian political system that seeks to control and/or destroy those deemed as "infidels". On a related note, I will also ask Resa for her thoughts on the double-standard applied to conservative women, particularly those seeking public office. Freedom rings on The Liberty Belle Hour with Resa LaRu Kirkland on Thursday night!

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